New romanian designers unite in Cluj


The Old Casino with its 19th Century architecture looked elegant in the warm Saturday morning. At the entrance the “queen carpet”, as it was referred to by a little boy, made the event look more high-end.

Tidaff – Transylvania International Design and Fashion Fair took place on the 15th and 16th of November, and united fashion and accessories designers under a single roof.

The visitors said they came out of curiosity, because they saw an advertisement on Facebook, or just because they were in the park and they are interested in fashion. Some visitors would have liked to see a greater diversity of products, for different ages.


Some of the designers heard of the event from Facebook, and some were invited. Many designers were at their first fashion fair. They noted that through this type of event, they hope to gain exposure, promote themselves, and connect with other people in their field. Several designers appreciated High Heels Events, for the good job they did in organizing the event.

The fair was “interesting and not plain”, “full of life”, and “you get to discuss with the person behind a brand, which is very important”, said some designers.

“The whole event is beautifully organized”, said fashion designer Mihaela Cirlugea. “It was a great idea to unite designers that are now en vogue, and if you look, not only at their stands,  but even they are very interesting,  how they’re dressed, how they look, you’ll see that they are special.”

There were four different workshops/demonstrations. One of the biggest hits was the one held by Zoltán Mártonos. Many people who were just taking a stroll in the park came to see the spray art he was creating. The others were held by:  make-up artist Vestige, fashion designer Cristina Brad, and also fashion designer Denise Berekmeri.


The organizers said the event exceeded their expectations, and all the feedback they received was positive. The fair was visited by about 700 per day, the organizers said. Casandra Mihut said the event was a success. And they are already thinking about preparing a second edition of Tidaff during the following spring.


Foto: 1’Studio Media Productions

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