Lately I’ve been exploring the “food market” – so to say – in Cluj-Napoca, and trying out different kind of dishes. And because I know the feeling of finding a restaurant or a pub that you really enjoy brings a lot of happiness, I decided to share my favorites with you.

The list is in no particular order.

1. Old Friends Pub

If you’re a student living in Hasdeu and you haven’t tried their amazing burgers yet, this is your wake-up call. From 12 pm to 6 pm they have a special offer for the burgers with fries, salad and a drink of choice, for 18.5 lei. The chicken burger is my favorite, and their lava cake is also pretty amazing.

(Source: The Old Friends Pub on Facebook)

2. Samsara Food House

If you are a vegan, then this is the place for you. But I do recommend that everybody tries their food at least once, because it’s something else. Also, the place has a really cool vibe. I love that it’s very cozy and quiet, and you can enjoy a good conversation with a friend. I have to say they have some of the best pastas I’ve ever eaten. The broccoli and pesto ones are at the top of my list. And they also have some cool drinks: mental clarity is my favorite.

(Source: Samsara Foodhouse on Facebook)

3. Shanghai

This could be a bit “mainstream”, as you can find them in the mall, but I do recommend you check out their restaurant on Calea Turzii. Me and my brother go there very often, and sometimes we take our parents with us. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere, you can talk and bond over great food. Their chicken salad is usually my go to.

 (Source: Shanghai Restaurant on Facebook)

4. Zama

Zama is right in the center of the city, on Napoca Street. They have everything, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Prices are student friendly, as me and my best friend always stop by to eat lunch together. We usually go there for the “zama” (soup), because it’s great. If you stop by, try out the red wine as well. Make sure that’s happening at a reasonable hour though.

(Source: Zama Restaurant on Facebook)

5. Baracca

If you feel like eating somewhere fancy, Baracca is also found on Napoca Street. It is one of the best restaurants in Cluj-Napoca, adored by international guests. It is a bit pricey, but they have a great team and excellent food. If you have someone special you want to impress, this is your place.

(Source: Baracca on Facebook)

6. Marty

I feel like you can’t go wrong with Marty. Great food, great service, good prices. Usually me and my dorm mates talk each other into ordering food from Marty when we are too lazy to go out or make some ourselves. Whether it is pasta, chicken fingers or salads, it’s always a good time for Marty.

 (Source: Marty Restaurants on Facebook)

7. Tokyo Restaurant

An award winner at the World Sushi Cup of 2013, this is not a place you want to miss. You can find them on Gheroghe Marinescu Street, but they also take orders online. Prices are good and the sushi is better. If you feel like trying something new, you can start here and then end the night with some yoga. Namaste all around.

(Source: Tokyo Restaurant on Facebook)

8. The LAb Cocktail Bistro

The LAb Cocktail Bistro is found of Avram Iancu Street. It has one of the coolest designs ever and the music gets you going. Seriously, you will definitely hit some clubs after some drinks here. So grab the squad, hit Dexter’s Laboratory and have a blast. Cluj is all about people living young ,wild and free.

(Source: The LAb Cocktail Bistro on Facebook)

9. Pizzeria di’Salvo

Pizza is love. Pizza is life. Enough said. You can order online very easy, because we all know nobody really goes out to buy it. So push play on Stranger Things, call your friends and tell them to bring drinks, order the pizzas and have a great night. You’re welcome.

 (Source: di’Salvo Pizzeria on Facebook)

10. Donuterie

I had to include this one because we all need something sweet in our lives. You can find them in both the malls in Cluj or on Memorandului Street. Heavenly sent donuts and super cute packaging. My favorite is Bueno at the moment, make sure to try that out. Marshmallow and cheese cake ones are at the top of my list too.

Be nuts! Be donuts!

 (Source: Donuterie on Facebook)

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