Marea Hămăceală, a “chill out” time in Central Park



    A group of five young people are playing music in Central Park. They instruments are made in wood. One of them is playing with a triangle guitar while a German student makes some rhythm with two wood sticks.

    Alex Morca, 20 years old and student at the University of Art, has been trying to play with a thumb piano.

    “I don’t know what I play” he said while showing his instrument.

    Marcel Fodorean started to plan the Marea Hămăceală event with some friends to make a gathering.

    “(It) is an event made for the people, for socialization, to gather with friends, to have fun, to enjoy the greenness in the park, to be able to speak to whoever you want and to do whatever you like”, said Fodorean.

    The event is planned to happen once a month, from now to September, in Central Park. The organizers remain open to organize the event in other places. Fodorean provides the information about future events mostly on Facebook.

    The hammocks are mostly provided by the people themselves even though, Minorswing, a hammock company held by one of Fodorean’s friend, provides some of them.

    Mostly young people from the 20’ attended this first event of Marea Hămăceală, which announced the beginning of spring.

    Alexandra Brandsch, 22, student in finance and international fair, was sitting on a hammock, waiting for her friends to bring the rope and tie it up. While waiting, she was watching her friend Alexandru Coman, 28, freshly graduated in pharmaceutics, playing with a devil stick.

    “I can spin here in the air”, said Coman.

    He was happy to be able to play outside, with no walls and no ceiling.

    Last year, Brandsch and Coman were already attending the Marea Hămăceală event. They like to keep coming back.

    Iudor Moror, 21 years old, student in physics, enjoyed the sun with his friend Irina Cosua, 19, student in biology.

    “This is really awesome”, he said.

    Moror’s friend added that everybody is friendly and relaxing. Marea Hămăceală was a chill out atmosphere as they both said.

    “It feels good”, said Moror. “You think of nothing”.


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