Alexandra Teodor demonstrates in Central Park with her groups of activists. The authorities remains quiet about the issue
Crédits: Marie Damman

Last weekend (May 9th), Romanian celebrated their independence from the Ottoman Empire. For this occasion, activists went to demonstrate in Central Park. While many people were enjoying the medieval market, demonstrators from Cluj Antifrack gave flyers and information directly to the public.

The contrast helped the volunteers to meet many people at once. They walked and smiled to the people, standing ready to be taken in photos when asked. Alexandra Teodor took this occasion to talk about her demonstration, to explain why hydraulic manufacturing is so dangerous for Romanians. Each Sunday, 5 p.m., activists gather on Piața Unirii.

“Fracturing is a big subject, and it is still going on”, said Teodor, organizer of the demonstrations against fracturing.

Teodor also said that the thrilling is dangerous for the health of people, because it poisons the water. She told me it is also dangerous for the wonderful Romanian landscapes.

Since January 7th, Teodor is involved as the organizer of the demonstration. She tries to inform as many people as she can with her group. She said the activists of her demonstration have a simple and direct dialogue with the people. They are more trustful because they are not politicians. The demonstration is not made by any kind of organization, the activists are volunteering.

One of the volunteer said that the main persons are always translating in English the information, and this is useful to reach more people.

“It (the fracturing) shouldn’t happen because everything is happening in silence”, she said.

According to Teodor, the government tries to hide the fracturing. Apparently, for the previous elections, representatives said they would stop thrilling. Afterward, activists found some installation, took pictures and posted them online.

“No one knows about it. We asked and they said ‘no, it’s not fracturing,’” Teodor said. “Then we found other sources and technical data assigned to these companies”.  Mainly activists found the information, including Teodor.

The Prefecture of Cluj and the Ministry of Environment and Climatic Changes didn’t react.

She is expecting three steps of behavior from her action. First, she hopes the public will be informed about this and won’t support fracturing, then, to make sure of their own opinion, and of the dangers on health fracturing can make, finally, to ban fracturing and watch it for not letting this happening again.

The volunteers keep updating their Facebook page to let people know about their action. Last Sunday, they spoke about broadcasting the activism American movie “Gasland” (released in 2010, made by Josh Fox) in Cluj but also in the villages around to inform countrymen, first concerned about this issue.

The volunteers wish to have more people to be involved with them. According to Teodor, They need fighters to have more power on the government.

“We hope to make a good impact with patience and determination, and to have more people to follow us. “

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