Can art feed us? – Temps d’Images 2014


    “What feeds us?” is this year’s theme of  Temps d’Images International festival, which will continue to bring the lovers of art, music, dance from Cluj a new series of cultural events, beautiful theater plays and captivating videos.

    foto: Ioana Ofelia

    The festival has reached its seventh edition and will present between 6-16 November the interaction between dance, theater and video on the contemporary performing arts scene, as in the previous years. The theme of this year is outlined by artists from Romania, Serbia, Moldavia, Poland and Belgium. The festival will also bring exhibitions, workshops, presentations, debates and movies. “Between a man well fed spiritually but starved physically or a poor spirit with a satiated stomach, we try to find the balance in which we can act in the future. Wondering what feeds us, we propose an experience at leisure, in which to find our own thoughts or new dilemmas, tasting together food for both body and soul.”,according to Miki Branişte, the manager of the festival. In the discussions and presentations, the audience will have the opportunity to meet the artists behind the presented shows.

    foto: ColectivA

    Three intensive workshops will be held during the festival: a workshop for critical thinking, a cultural mediation and audience development workshop and an interdisciplinary one. A video exhibition by Ciprian Mureşan and 9 film screenings will be presented beside “For sale” performance by the director and playwright Gianina Cărbunariu, which formulates some important questions for the Romanian society as ”Who feeds us, what feeds us and what price?”. The locations of the events include The Paintbrush Factory, TIFF House,, Creative and Experiment Reactor, Transit House, La Cobbler Café and many others.

    Initiated in 2002 by the ART French TV channel, Temps d’Images festival has gradually developed in Europe through partnerships with 10 cultural operators. The Romanian Temps d’Images” festival had its first edition in 2008 and since then has evolved steadily, initially developing as an interdisciplinary platform which brought together innovative art forms, internationally acclaimed theater performances, dance and video art.