Koffer: The world of coffee and books

There might definitely be a story behind a cup of coffee. Coffee shops are everywhere. Every single one has something to offer, however, what makes them special? “Koffer”, a coffee and bookstore is about to be opened. Sándor Berke as the manager and barista of the place tells his perspectives about what might the real essentials be of these businesses. 

Foto: Angyalosi Beata
Foto: Angyalosi Beata

Where did the coffee shop’s idea come from?

Firstly the plan was to open an ordinary book store, however we were aware of that there are loads of places in the city center that offer both Romanian and Hungarian books. Thus we wished to complete the idea with a little extra, which would be coffee. I always had the desire to open a coffee shop; therefore I attempted a barista course in Hungary. Among other things the course made it possible for me to learn different espresso techniques and these are the basis which will be used in our coffee shop too.

Why did you choose the name ’’Koffer’’?

Koffer is a German word, which means `suitcase`. We’ve chosen this name from almost seventy other proposed ones. It expresses perfectly the idea of travelling: travelling to the world of books and of course to the world of coffee. It is easily remembered and it contains the word coffee, with double F.

What is the goal of this place?

I like to say that we are on a double mission: on the first place we’re expressing our love for books. We have realized that there’s a gap in Cluj’s book market, and that is what we’re trying to complete. We are going to have books from fifty eight editors. Thus three thousand fifty hundred book titles will be available. It will be possible to find books in Romanian, Hungarian and in English too. It is important to mention that nearly two thousand of the books will be addressed to children. Thus we’ve created a separate place for youngsters. Besides this our intention was to provide opportunities for families to converse and play games. On the table there are painted different kind of board games, such as chess. What is more the place is created in a way that the guests have the impression that they enter a living room, thus it has a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, I’d like to mention an essential thing called ’’third wave coffee’’ which aims to offer coffee in its highest quality. This is our goal too.

Foto: Angyalosi Beata
Foto: Angyalosi Beata

What are your future expectations?

We will definitely pay attention to the quality of coffee. Me as the manager I’ll take note of other companies work, in order to see what are their sources. We don’t limit ourselves, thus we have the freedom to change the range of coffee whenever we want to.

It is important to know everything about the coffee you work with. In the ’’third wave coffee’’ we don’t use anything extra, like sugar. Coffee has to be respected. Personally, this is what I really like in ’’third wave’’, that we pay incredibly much attention  to make sure that the true essence of coffee gets into the cup and this is the so called ’’cup quality’’. The aroma of coffee is not wasted.

Are you going to have your own speciality? What it will be like?

Yes, our speciality will be that we stay true to ourselves. It’s my desire that here in Cluj, students, people will get to know some special coffee, which cannot usually be found in this city. I consider that this coffee shop’s speciality is its originality. I might be able to offer you a type of coffee that you have never tried before. Customers need to discover new aromas.

What is unique about Koffer?

What is remarkable about this place is that,  what we’re trying to do is a mission. A mission for people, for ourselves, for quality. This is about experiencing the hospitality, the quality of tastes, those special moments during a day and if these happen, then the mission is undoubtedly completed.

Jozsa Evelyn

Jozsa Evelyn