5 Types of International Exchange Students in Your University

There are many types of people one may encounter during their lifetime. What about during their college years? Whether your talk about exchange students visiting your home university or you go to study abroad in one of those exchange programs, you are bound to encounter these types of international students.

1. The Spinner

The Spinner is the type of student that always moves around. He or she is overly excited, always on the move and ready to meet people. He constantly wants to visit tourist attractions, taste a little bit of this, try a little bit of that, and he is again ready to meet more people. He is the type that will appoint himself as a sort of a leader, taking charge of the rest of the group and guiding them to what he actually wants to do or to see. He gives advice freely, without even being asked, leaving you with the impression that he really knows what he is talking about. And for a moment you really do believe that he knows everything, forgetting that in fact he arrived at the same time as you did.

2. The Observer

The observer likes to study and observe the human species in its natural or unnatural habitat. He hangs out a little bit with everyone, just enough to ask each their names, where do they come from and what are they studying. From then on, he stays behind the group observing them in various situations and taking mental notes. Hmmm… so Nick is the self-appointed leader… Interesting… He’s got no idea what he is talking about either… Sarah is checking out turtle-neck blouses… Dana has a funny accent… Mary is checking out guys… Don is also checking out guys…

3. The Mother Hen

“Did you dress properly? It’s cold outside.”

“Have you eaten anything today?”

“Does anyone need to go to the bathroom? If so, we are near this restaurant, we could get in and drink a cup of tea – it’s cold outside – and who needs to use the bathroom may do so.”

This is the Mother Hen, always taking care of her babies. It doesn’t really matter that ‘the babies’ have a mind of their own and basically they have the same age as the Mother Hen. And she is so good at this, that you actually feel compelled to ask if it is ok to go somewhere. And you honestly wait for her to say yes.

4. The Emo Student

No, I am not referring to the depressed, overly wearing black clothes, hair-covering half of the face type of people. In this particular context, by Emo Student I mean the Emotional one. The emotional student is just that: overly emotional. He misses his or her mom, he misses his home cooked food, He misses his pet iguana. He was “so nervous” to meet us all. He talks about himself, his life, his dreams, his hopes… Then he misses his mom again. “Don’t you miss your mom? I have a very close relationship with her. I really miss her.” “When did you leave home,” I asked. “Yesterday,” came the overly emotional answer.

5. The Party Animal

No secrets here: this guy likes to party. This guy wants to party. It doesn’t really matter that he only arrived yesterday, he made friends in a flash and now he is ready to parteeey! “A party at the dorms? I’ll be there.” “A going-out night? Count me in.” “Party at school? Will there be alcohol?” “Oh my God! Are we really gonna stay in the dorms and not going out anywhere today? Life is meaningless…”