Andrei Parascan, Toy Machines: “Connecting with people on a concert is worth everything”

If you’ve ever wondered how it is to be in a rock band, hopefully this interview will give you a glimpse into it. Andrei Parascan or Buzu, the solo guitar player for Toy Machines, shares some of his thoughts with us.

The story of Toy Machines began in 2008 with Edward Ciornea (drummer) and Andrei Drăgușanu (vocals), when Andrei Parascan was in his junior year. At that time there was another solo guitarist in the band, but a year later, he left and Andrei ended up by replacing him. “We were kids back then, we were in high school, but I remember that we had big expectations from the beginning. We wanted to do something serious, not just to be some high school boy band.”

He described his colleagues from the band as being very passionate about music and their instruments. He said that they are all like a family and because of that, their songs carry a piece from each one of them. “They try to be as dedicated to the band as they can, but also go to work and, of course, parties. Every concert is like a little vacation for us.”

Andrei Parascan during a concert with Toy Machines

One of the funniest memory took place at the very beginning, during a concert in Sibiu, he remembers. “We were scheduled to sing with a band from Bucharest, Astero, which doesn’t exist anymore, but there weren’t so many people at the concert so we thought to go on the streets and try to convince people to come. I’m kidding. We just invited them. After the concert, we and Astero made a jam session and covers that everyone loved. It was one of our best moments. I still can’t help but smile when I think about it. It was one of our first concerts. How times change…”

The proudest thing for them until now is the album “Digital Waves” because he said it represents the band entirely. The drawing on the album cover represents the digital waves of the band’s name recorded. Andrei said they loved the idea and people shared the same opinion. “Also, last year we had the honor to sing at Electric Castle and was kind of a big deal for us to have such a big audience. When I think about how we were at the beginning and what we became despite all the things that happened, I feel like every little moment that we had and led us here, was an achievement.”

Digital Waves, Toy Machines’ first album

Toy Machines playing at Electric Castle in 2017

Andrei said that the band went through a lot in the past few years. At the beginning people tried to stop them from succeeding by telling them that they will never sing on a big stage. But as he recalls it, he didn’t find this the most difficult moment, but the one when they had to change members of the band. “I think that the most difficult moment is when someone leaves the band. It’s hard because you get used to that person, he becomes your best friend and gives a special vibe to the band. It’s like a part of the band vanishes. We had Edward Ciornea as our drummer for many years, but now we have another formula and I know it’s the best decision for the moment.”

Edward Ciornea plays the drums for Toy Machines

Andrei said that being in a band has its ups and downs and even if it’s sometimes hard, the feeling he has whenever they have a concert and connect with the people is irreplaceable. That feeling is worth everything. He encourages everyone who wants to do music, to do so because it will fill their heart with joy, even though it will be a long road to succeed – financially. “I think it’s important to do what you like in life, but you should also be realist and see if you can have a decent life from your profession. For example, I have another job which I like, but this doesn’t mean that being a guitarist makes me any less happy. Both of them are a part from who I am and I enjoy doing them.”

Photos: Toy Machines’ official Facebook page