Did you ever dream about eating a big, tastyburger somewhere in America? Or maybe enjoying a spicy burrito in the middle of  Mexico? Now you don’t have to fly across the whole world to taste the food fromdifferent countries, because someone has already taken care of it.
Street Food Festival had a new edition between 9th and 12thMay, in the Central Park of Cluj-Napoca.

 Street Food Festival was born in Cluj-Napoca back in2016 and later became popular in other 11 cities. According to cluj.com, last year’s edition hosted, in all the cities together, more than 800.000 hungrypeople.
This year, the festival took us to four different parts of the world: EastAsia, USA, Mexico and Italy. American Dream, Little Asia, Cabrones, La Vita e Bella, Green Village, How Much is the Fish and All in for Food, every zone madeus feel the atmosphere of each part of the world, and of course, fed everyone with the tastiest food.
Moreover, the organizers had good news for all music lovers: this year, the musicians performed their songs not only on the stage, but on the streets aswell.
Each day had its own program of concerts and people had a chance to listen to such guests as: The Mono Jacks, Cannaro, Soulheads and so on.


 Japan, Korea, China– all united to bring the best Asian food to town.
The atmosphere of the Asian area made you wonder why haven’t you visited Asia yet? Starting with great decorations and going back to food, your eyes couldn’t decide where to start and what to eat first. But, no doubt about it, sushi was the favorite of this year. People crowded and waited for their turn to buy the perfect combination of rice and raw fish.
“The Asian zone is just fantastic,” said Julia, one of the participants. – “I am a big fan of sushi, and it is a great opportunity to try sushi from the best restaurants in Cluj.”
The most important fact is that the prices for sushi, despite its popularity, were reasonable and everyone could afford to buy some.
Besides eating, Asian food fans also got a chance to participate in a tea workshop supported by Confucius Institute. So, once you stepped into Asian zone, it definitely kept you busy.


 Flying over the ocean, we landed, probably, in the most crowded zone.

 America, oh sweet America, the most relaxing zone of them all. Here,people had a chance to feel like real Americans – sitting around with theirfriends while eating a huge burger. Despite the fact it had rained for twoweeks before the festival and during it as well, people were not sad or not inthe mood.  All you could hear and see in the Americanzone were laughs and people enjoying their time.

 Besides burgers, there was a large menu of foodyou could taste: ribs, pulled pork and so many other things which you can findin American cuisine.
The organizers made sure that no one would leave hungry, so if you wanted toexperience the American dream it was the right place to be.


 Coming back to Europe, we arrived in Italy.Here, people had an opportunity to try the best known Italian recipes. Whileadmiring the decorations, which were definitely making you feel like you aresitting in restaurant in Italy, people could enjoy their pizza, pasta or ascoop of gelato.


 The award for the most enjoyable zone goes rightto Mexico. Here, people crowded to get the best out of the best Mexicandelicacies.
Starting with the gate itself and ending with the decorations, people had achance to find themselves in the middle of Mexican culture. It is no doubt thatorganizers took a proper care to create the right atmosphere.
“I came today with my wife and kids, and I must admit that we are in love withthis area. The food and the decorations are just incredible,” said Catalin.

 Serving the most well-known food, the Mexican areaattracted a pretty big number of people. Even the ones who came to just admirethe festival, couldn’t leave with their hands and stomachs empty.

 Now it is no wonder why the Street Food Festival became so popular inother cities in such a short time. The event always surprises and bringssomething new to fill our cravings. “Even though the festival isn’t over yet, Iam already waiting for next year’s edition to see what it will bring,” saidCristina, who has visited all the editions of the festival.

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