Jazzul din mânecă

“We got the jazz. Our passion for jazz has been materialised in Jazzar, a different podcast meant for all kinds of music entushiasts or even fresh ears that want to change the tides of their musical waves,” says Mihai Vasiu, DJ and producer.

Jazzar is a concept that was created on 24 March 2019 with the purpose of promoting the jazz culture plus the alternative scene, by making a monthly podcast on the first day of every month bringing new sounds and excitement in the hearts of the listeners.

Each month has a niche and unique guest from Romania and it brings a collosal set of tracks found in the depths of crate digging, space pirating and even personal productions for the more experienced ones.                                                                       

“At first it was just an unmaterialised idea, because we were having second thoughts on how much of a good impact this will have for the scene and little we did know that people would eventually enjoy and request more from this scene.’’

This concept was formed by ChuTheJhu and Omul Tzuc, which are two old school Djs and producers plus remarkable selectors in this case. 

“I got back to jazz by going back to the roots of modern music and the most important lesson i learned from this journey was that besides the musical genre, jazz brings a musical philosophy and an attitude which remains relevant for all curent producers.’’(Mihai Vasiu, Dj/Producer)

This concept grew slowly but nice with a lot of care and hard work, hours of sound mastering and engineering. A lot of promos, posters and PR relationships got concretized into the full grown concept that is today. Imagine all of this in only one year.

Now they still follow their tradition: on the 1st of every month, a new marvel surfs the internet meant to illuminate fragile ears with warm and delightful sounds.

It is enjoyable that in such modern days there still a few pilgrims left to honour the work of the previous grandmasters of this scene.

With every mix they offer a true fusion of jazz implemented sounds to keep the pace with the current musical preferences and perfectly adapt their craftmanship in two hours of musical delicacy.

“Imaginative synthesis that makes the listening a vigorous and exciting experience. As I’m mixing I like to think that the records are the boat that carry us through the journey.”

Of course let’s not forget that the global outbreak affected everyone in every field that is, including this concept which remained very positive and continued to work hard in it’s development.  

Imagine that all events were shut down so a big chance of promoting such movement was delayed by this outbreak.

Slowly everuthing will regain its natural pace and evolution and everybody will have the chance to put themselves back on the track.

“A minute part of the Spirit that animates the World having a Human experience; presumably limited in Time, since “I” am defined by the outer edges and inner workings of a physical body in slow decay, however just as much a participant in the Universal Awareness which transcends the boundaries of mere material existence, letting [my] imagination run wild through the Æons, entertaining the eternal questions that can solely be answered in the ‘Hear & Now’! It did take years before it really caught on, but ever since I got into music, something attracted me to the Jazz Greats; the names Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, are surely known by almost anyone, and for good reason, because they are magicians, and I knew already in my early teens, or rather – despite listening mostly to more contemporary and rocky, even metallic, music – I felt that compositions like fx. Music just takes me through a full scale ritual.”

Vlad Tămaș

Vlad Tămaș