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“Baracca is the place where life is celebrated at every moment!”  

Located in the centre of Cluj-Napoca, their restaurant is the place where architecture, design and zest for life, gives off the perfect setting for everyday demonstration of their love for gastronomy and quality ingredients.   

With a free and modern approach, their kitchen is based on a creative cooking style, associated and supported by carefully selected ingredients from their suppliers. Emphasis is placed on cooking techniques that preserve the integrity of the raw material used and on the optimization of nutritional values. The result is a contemporary kitchen that supports a healthy lifestyle.  

“I work at this place because I love giving people food that not only amazes the eye but also the taste is great. Here I am also respected, and appreciated and the management really makes you want to work here the way they treat you.”(Chef,Alexandru Sabadeanu) 

“I see here the constant innovation of gastronomy! I am pleased everyday to demonstrate my ability to create food that makes mouths watery. You don’t get any much better than this. I love what I do!” 

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Unfortunately, the current situation in Romania prevents restaurants to receive customers, but it doss not prevent them from doing home food delivery. Baracca is doing just that. Using various apps , you can now order food that’s being prepared at most of the restaurants, and it will be delivered straight to your home in a small matter of time. 

But for a restaurant like Baracca it is very difficult, because the menu is too complex and some dishes are just not meant to be adapted to delivery. 

“Although COVID-19 really puts a toll on business, we can still manage to make food for home deliveries and it’s not so bad as a consequence.”(Chef, Alexandru Sabadeanu) 

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Many restaurants around the country, and even around the world always claim that their spot has or generates the best culinary products, but not all can be correct. What makes Baracca different, and in a way special, is the modern techniques implemented into cooking, which are imported from Italian restaurants. Because many restaurants around the country are still sticking to very much the same old traditional cooking techniques, and traditional recipes, restaurants such as Baracca are gaining an advantage by exploring new ways of cooking and serving food to the customers.  

“We have an edge over the competition because we are dedicated to innovate and we are always looking for new inspiration to create food from all sorts of places, not just from Romanian restaurants. I for one am quite happy when one of my colleagues comes up with a new recipe which can then be tested, or when he learns a new thing that he didn’t know before. All done during the amazing work we all do at this wonderful place!”(Chef, Alexandru Sabadeanu) 

 “I always loved food. I find cooking to be extremely relaxing and I truly believe that it was my calling and I was just born this way.”(Chef, Alexandru Sabadeanu) 

Their restaurant offers a variety of products, from tastings such as Local Amuse Bouche Langosi to appetizers,  and soups like Fowl consommé, to deserts such as red beetroot and raspberry cake. Needless to say, they have quite the menu assortment.   

“What everyone that eats deserves is a place where he or she is welcomed and from where food can be ordered, served, and enjoyed without them ever feeling distressed, or, God forbid, sick just because they ate something. I am really happy to be a part of a team willing to provide each and every customer with the delights each of us would expect from any restaurant.’’(Chef, Alexandru Sabadeanu) 

Photo taken from personal portfolio
Vlad Tămaș

Vlad Tămaș